Small Hauls

Time is a Commodity

Time is a valuable commodity to all of us.  Time is money and we use money as a resource to produce or buy things.  No matter where or who you are, every human being has equal time during a given day.  

I understand time can be a struggle to pick up or haul off material.  Some folks can call a babysitter, a family member or friend, some may have sports during the day or work a job that hours are unknown.    I am happy to bring a service to help you with your Small Hauls- delivery and removal service.     

Our objective at PBL is for the client to pay for the material and we will deliver the material.  If a homeowner needs help with hauling material to the landfill, we are happy to drop off a trailer and haul the material to the landfill once trailer is loaded.

I believe this will allow the client to continue with his or her daily schedule and allow better planning without interruptions.    



 At Phil Bates Landscapes our top priorities are building trust, establishing great relationships, and delivering a product or service you are so satisfied with that you refer your friend and family. This happens by clear communication, delivering excellent craftsmanship, and making the milestones in every project our top priority, from start to finish. We strive to create outdoor spaces our clients enjoy during all four seasons through an unparalleled customer experience. We want to be the name you think of when you think “outdoor living.”


It's a grind each and every day to establish new relationships and to make sure internal and external relationships are kept strong. This business is about taking time to meet with clients and help them set and revise their goals for creating outdoor spaces their family and friends can enjoy for years to come. Success to us means meeting our standards of excellence, taking on new challenges, and having constructive criticism among ourselves, for "as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."  

It's about remembering that personal development is the key ingredient for success not only in business but life in general. We also believe it's critical to keep our faith in God and understand we will need Him along the path and to use each hour of the day to enjoy the gift of time that God has provided for us on Earth.  When it's all said and done, it's the friendships, trust and accountability that we value in every project for every client.